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The Race car must be of an open wheeled chassis design, with a front longitudinally
mounted engine, driving the rear wheels. The driver’s cockpit must be behind
the engine, but in front of the rear axle and be central to the main chassis
rails. Outlaw and F2 cars may race however they must conform to their own
promotions rules and specifications


The object of the race is to complete the specified number of laps in the shortest time. You may push a car from behind or spin a car to the inside of the circuit. You must not lean or spin a car into the safety fence or deliberately follow a car into the safety fence on the entry to a bend (whether from the rear or side of the car). Unnecessary baulking of a faster car or attacking the car from the safety infield is not permitted. Actions deemed to be deliberate or dangerous will carry several different types of penalties, this may be being loaded up, a three month ban, banned for a year or even a life time ban.

Racing is in an Anti clockwise direction on a clearly defined circuit with a separate infield. Any wheels passing over the demarcation lines or entering the infield areas will mean that the driver will be penalised

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06/09/2014 - Points Championship

speed weekend

05.05.2014 Roof Graded